Indoor advertising or restroom advertising is the most significant development in target marketing in years. It provides an excellent communication tool for reaching active, on-the-go baby boomers while they are out spending money in popular local restaurants or health clubs. Indoor advertising works because it’s a captive audience – viewers are forced to read your ads – they can’t turn the page, change channels or switch stations.

This is why hundreds of businesses have achieved great results with Indoor Billboards. Since someone is going to invest their hard-earned money in a massive, high rise advertisement, they want to make sure it’ll be a success. How do you ensure your billboard is both eye-catching and effective?

Read on to learn the 5 rules of impactful billboard design:

Get your Story Straight – If someone is sitting in a restaurant, your ad should be attractive so that people sitting out there can be attracted to it. A design without a story simply won’t be memorable. To find your story, think about the one thing you want people to take away from your ads. Do you want them to remember your web address? To be able to recognize your brand the next time they’re in the restaurant? To find your story, you take the key message and give it meaning: it could solve a problem, or evoke an emotion, or fulfill a need (even one they didn’t know they had until they saw your billboard).

Be Loud – A larger-than-life-sized layout is no time to be meek! Make sure any graphic or text should be bold, clean and readable. The overall graphic should be attractive. So Go Big!

Be Colorful – There’s a fine line between getting your billboard noticed and providing a huge distraction to the people. Depending on your business you might want to keep your image choices G-rated. Grainy and blurry photos will look unappealing displayed on a large canvas like billboards. Billboard ads aren’t the time to go boring with your color choices. Choose bold colors since they’ll be more noticeable from large distances. Contrasting colors will improve readability.

Study your Location – A well-designed billboard will be useless if nobody can see it. Ensure that it is facing toward your potential customer. Also, inserting an element of fun with quips that are local to the area helps generate word-of-mouth marketing. It sends off the message that you understand your market and are establishing a connection using familiar references.

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